Want to Invest in Luxe Skin Care? These Brands Are Worth the Splurge

In beauty, there are a few things you should splurge on: that 90-minute massage, the extralong scalp massage, and your skincare regimen.

Anytime I interview an esthetician, dermatologist, or makeup artist, I can count on this answer making its way into our conversation in one way or another: “Your skin is the key to making your makeup look gorgeous, and it can also be the key to feeling confident without makeup, too!” So, to drill it into your brain as well – your skin is the key to looking good, whether it’s helping your makeup look better or saving you time by not having to wear it. And while there are plenty of products that cost less than $15 that can get the job done, many skincare products with high efficacy come with a higher price tag.

That’s not to say some luxury brands aren’t marking up their products while using a minimal amount of their active ingredient, though. It’s frustrating to invest in a luxury product only to notice no results after continually using it, right? Nobody wants to waste their time or money on a $100 product that is equivalent to one that’s $15. That said, here’s a list of luxury brands that actually deliver on the claims they make, per my own experiences with each. If you’re serious about spending some cash on your face, these are the products worth every cent.

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