What to Buy From LA's Cult-Favorite Beauty Store

If beauty stores were actual people, we’d want to be friends with all of them. Drugstores would be like your oldest, closest friends, department stores like your mom’s chic brunch companions, and online retailers the fun kids you met in college. We like to think of Violet Grey, an ecommerce shop founded out of an LA store that’s favored by Hollywood insiders and celebs alike, as that friend who’s way too cool for you but inexplicably lets you into their circle.

Cassandra Grey, a stylist, consultant, and general insider, founded the store on Melrose Place. It has since expanded to an ecommerce site. Violet Grey only sells products that have been approved by its leader’s network of celebrities, makeup artists, and hairstylists, so you know everything they sell has the American royal stamp of approval. Want to know the best of the best products? Keep reading.

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